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Our mission is to pay homage to and honor the legacy of the late, great Boxing 

Champion, Joe Frazier.  Scholarships will be awarded for educational, 

recreational and social programs to At Risk youth, 13-19 years of age.  These 

applicants must reside in Philadelphia and the surrounding Counties.

The Mission

The Legacy Exists

The Legacy Exists is a (501)©(3)non-profit scholarship fund that was created to exemplify the 

embodiment and humanitarianism of “Smokin’ Joe Frazier”.  His generosity was 

evident in the many acts of kindness extended toward others.  We expect to see these positive traits in our applicants.

The Vision

The quest is to implement the “Champ’s” philosophy of hard work, unity and

self-motivation. He adamantly verbalized how crucial these characteristics were 

to the growth-potential of young people’s lives. This provision has been made 

through the  implementation of a Scholarship Fund. This funding source will 

provide services to recipients’ whose families would otherwise not be able to 

afford the costs involved.  It will assist in the development of well-rounded 

young people who are making a positive impact on society.

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